Angelina College awarded $100,000 grant toward risk management training

Angelina College awarded $100,000 grant toward risk management training

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Angelina College has the means to continue offering free and affordable workplace safety courses to the public thanks to a $100,000 grant it received on Tuesday.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company awarded the college with a check to fund its Risk Management Institute. The program offers free and affordable safety training to students, community employers, workers, and the general public.

“We’re committed to training our local workforce, that’s the purpose of a two-year college is to prepare people to be successful in whatever career they choose to pursue," said Dr. Michael Simon, president of Angelina College. "Of course, we want them to stay and thrive in East Texas, that’s part of our goal.”

Courses offered are CPR for healthcare providers, forklift operators, safe sitter, and shooting skills for fun and safety. Typically, the fees for these courses can be as high as $130. Angelina College is able to offer these courses at greatly reduced costs thanks to the safety grant.

Tuesday’s presentation was the 3rd year Texas Mutual chose Angelina College for its grant due to the college’s excellent track record.

“The biggest focus of our grant is to allow them to assist, really,” said Craig Witherspoon, regional manager of safety services at Texas Mutual. “We’ll provide the funds and allow them to use the resources what they feel is best for their surrounding community and their areas. They know best.”

Since the inception of the Risk Management Institute in 2008, employees from more than 856 companies have take advantage of the free courses, a college spokesperson said. More than half of those employees lived and worked in the East Texas area.

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