Nacogdoches police warn drivers of planned speed enforcement zone

Nacogdoches police warn drivers of planned speed enforcement zone

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches Police Department has warned drivers that officers are conducting a specific speed enforcement zone to serve as a reminder for drivers to obey traffic laws, especially in high-traffic residential areas.

The area officers are monitoring is near Park Street, near the intersection of Logansport Road and North University Drive. This is the second time in recent weeks when authorities have announced their intentions to pull over drivers for speeding. The first time was on Feb. 27, when Nacogdoches police said they would be monitoring drivers near East Parker and East Austin streets.

“We put it on social media so that people will be aware of it, hoping that we can gain voluntary compliance from everybody by starting a discussion about it," said Brett Ayres with Nacogdoches police.

The Nacogdoches Police Department’s Facebook page said they received such a big response from the public that they would set up a similar speed enforcement zone near Park Street based on their suggestions.

A Nacogdoches police sergeant said announcing the traffic enforcement zones won’t reduce the penalty for speeding; authorities just wanted to encourage drivers in Nacogdoches to be safer and to increase driving safety for everyone in the city, and spreading the word about the speed enforcement zones will help with that.

“We have actually seen in those areas where we are posting that we are going to be doing focused traffic enforcement, we’ve seen a lot of voluntary compliance by the time officers get into that area," said Ayres.

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