One year later: Angelina County sawmill development begins hiring process

One year later: Angelina County sawmill development begins hiring process

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - One year after a sawmill was approved by the Lufkin city council and began its development, company officials said they have started the hiring process.

Angelina Forest Products will employ around 135 total jobs, including around 35 salaried and around 100 hourly employees.

“This is going to be one of the most technologically-advanced in North America of this kind,” said Garry Sorrell, chief operations officer with Angelina Forest Products. “We’re looking for people that want to come out to have a great opportunity, a great cultural fit, to be a part of something great."

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Angelina Forest Products’ facility was still under construction as of Thursday, March 7. Company officials said they were hopeful to have the facility up and running by mid-May.

“This is really a hotspot for [the lumber] industry, and our goal is to bring another company with a lot of positions back into the area because a lot of companies have left the area,” said Sam Freeman, human resources manager with Angelina Forest Products.

“There’s a great skill-set here, a lot of strong, technical knowledge and hardworking individuals in this town,” Sorrell added. “A lot of them have been displaced over time based on some of the industry that’s moved out. So it’s a great opportunity to take those individuals, give them an opportunity, if you will, to go to work here and move back to their community, even if it’s for this job or maybe a job that this could spurn off in a different kind of way.”

Sorrell said there are various jobs offered at Angelina Forest Products, and for candidates with various amounts of experience.

“There’s operations jobs, everything from crane operations to different stages of the lumber handling equipment,” Sorrell explained. “There’s heavy machine operators... there’s kiln operators. and again, more load operators to load the lumber on trucks and send it out. Quite a variety of skill-sests for those right individuals we’re looking for.”

“We’ve been pretty happy with the turnout, at the least the amount of people that are coming out to look at what we got available and talk to us," Freeman added. “Everybody seems to be pretty qualified.”

The job fair ends Thursday, but if you’re interested in a position at Angelina Forest Products, you can still apply online by filling out a general employment application on the AFP website.

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