Angelina County commissioners hear from concerned property owner on flooding

Angelina County commissioners hear from concerned property owner on flooding

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - On Tuesday, Angelina County commissioners heard from a property owner concerned about road conditions. In January, KTRE reported on Highway 147 being flooded due to rain and water spilling over from the Lake Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

“Due to actions taken by the precinct four commissioner, I cannot use the place the way I planned, and I cannot sell it,” said Dawn Glover, who owns property on Old Highway 147, also known as County Road 354.

Glover took to the podium Tuesday to address the commissioners. Glover says when she bought the property a couple of years ago, the road was usable despite weather conditions.

“Now it’s not. The culvert has not been cleaned out since Hurricane Harvey so the creek floods and the road is not passable from either end. I can’t access my driveway or my mailbox,” Glover said.

Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire sees it otherwise.

“I’m disappointed in some of the context that Miss Glover presented. I don’t believe she represented some of the facts truthfully, but that’s her right,” Cheshire said.

He said there have been times County Road 354 has taken in water at least 7 feet. Glover disagrees. She says water may have been low as 10 inches, saying 7 feet is outrageous.

“For us to spend substantial amount of our very meager road budget to bring a road up to a standard that would be acceptable to her is, in my opinion, not viable,” Cheshire said.

If access to the front of her home is eliminated, Glover told the court it could cause the property value to decline. However, she’s grateful the court heard her concerns.

“Now that the commissioner’s court and the county attorney have heard my story, (I hope) that they will use whatever influence they have on the Pct. 4 commissioner to get him to do the right thing, which is repair the road," she said.

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