Woman discusses criminal trespass warning against Angelina County commissioner

Resident says she requested the warning after conversation turned ‘hostile and irrational’

Woman discusses criminal trespass warning against Angelina County commissioner

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An Angelina County property owner said she requested a criminal trespass warning against Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire.

It was brought up during the Commissioner's Court meeting on Tuesday.

Dawn Glover said she requested the warning because of numerous disagreements she’s had with Cheshire. According to Glover, those disagreements stemmed from concerns about a road leading to the property she owns outside Zavalla.

She said last year, she asked for a criminal trespass warning after her conversation with the commissioner became increasingly heated.

“He began to sound hostile and irrational and I was concerned,” Glover told commissioners. “During my last phone conversation with him, it went south, and I told him I didn’t want to discuss it anymore. His reply was conversations end when I say they end. I know where your office is. I felt uncomfortable and asked law enforcement to send him a criminal trespass warning to keep him from the building where I work.”

After the meeting, Cheshire responded to the criminal trespass warning.

"She stated that criminal trespass on her property, where she works, I've been to her office one time over five years ago. I believe it was before I went into office if my memory serves me correctly. This is just a political ploy," Cheshire said.

A person issued a criminal trespass warning is not charged with a crime so long as they stay away from the area law enforcement asked them to avoid.

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