Election officials in Nacogdoches hope to carry momentum from midterms into May

Election officials in Nacogdoches hope to carry momentum from midterms into May

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - As a new round of elections nears, city election officials are hoping to carry over the momentum from a midterm election cycle into May, which typically presents a much lower turnout than November.

Todd Stallings, Nacogdoches County election adminstrator, said he focuses a great deal on promoting local elections. His office is conducting city elections for Nacogdoches and Chireno, as well as four school district elections.

“Sometimes, you know these May elections are significantly smaller than the president or gubernatorial ones,” Stallings said. “But we do everything we can to promote.”

Stallings is holding a volunteer deputy registrar class to get citizens involved. Collectively, political parties in Nacogdoches County have recruited over 100 additional deputy voter registrars. Stallings is also printing special maps and decorating his office to keep voting on the minds of visitors.

“First thing we did this year was have a voter registration class. Signed up maybe 40 people as deputy voter registrars," said Mike Strong, democratic party chair.

Even though the Nacogdoches mayoral race is non-partisan the Nacogdoches County Republican women will host a political forum April 8 at the Fredonia Hotel.

“They’re going to have five minutes each to tell about themselves and tell what their agenda is and kinda tell what their platform is," said June Clifton, president of the Republic Women of Nacogdoches County.

Democrats and Republicans will conduct the so called non-partisan registration at highly attended spring time events. The value of the registered voter is not under-estimated. Stallings said he’s excited to compete to see which party can pull in the most registrations. However, he said the most important thing is to attract voters to the polls.

“One thing I want to remind people in these upcoming May elections is if you want to vote by mail, you do have to do a new application every year,” Stallings explained. “So, if you want to contact our office or go to the county website, we can send you the form, or you can find it on the website.”

You can find specific information about the May elections online by visiting the Nacogdoches County elections information page.

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