Angelina Arts Alliance welcomes back Black Violin’s ‘electrifying’ mix of musical sound

Angelina Arts Alliance welcomes back Black Violin’s ‘electrifying’ mix of musical sound

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina Arts Alliance is excited to welcome back a musical act that presents an interesting mix of genres, led primarily by two classically-trained musicians.

Black Violin is a group composed of Wilner Baptiste and Kevin Sylvester. Both men studied music in college and are well-versed in the ways of classical composers, which is what gives them such a unique edge as musicians.

“They were here about 2 years ago at the Temple Theater and they electrified the audience,” said Ginger Trotter, marketing and production at Angelina Arts Alliance. “They’re an amazing group of musicians and talent; very inspirational at the same time.”

The duo introduces a more contemporary feel to their sound by also incorporating a drummer and a DJ. Together, the group seem to meld the genres, working elements of classical into contemporary and hip-hop.

“Their background is taking your education, pushing it to the limits, and allowing it to let you rise as high as you choose,” Trotter said.

What may add to their show the most, Trotter said, is how they made it the focus of their latest tour to debunk false stereotypes.

“The musicians are incredible, the talent is amazing, and their ability to reach all genres, or all ages and backgrounds,” Trotter explained. “You’ll find the audience on their feet the majority of the performance just because there’s so much adrenaline and excitement in the air. It’s impossible to sit down.”

Black Violin will perform Thursday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Lufkin Middle School. Tickets start at $10 for general admission, and can be purchased online leading up to the night of the performance. You can also buy any available tickets at the door.

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