Early morning storms damage Kilgore neighborhood

Homes in the area surrounding Florence St. are among the hardest hit

Early morning storms damage Kilgore neighborhood
Kilgore power line storm damage (Source: Arthur Clayborn)

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) -Areas surrounding Florence Street in Kilgore are among the hardest hit by Thursday mornings storm.

Down power lines intermingled with fallen trees as Kilgore residents described the moment that strong winds blew through the area as frightening.

"The whole house shook, you could feel it underneath your feet,” says Couch Street Resident Eric Gray. “So we rushed to the bathroom and waited for it to pass over and took cover."

Throughout the day crews worked to clear blocked roads and restore power.

"The storm came through and just ripped everything open quickly,” says Mark Robertson with SWEPCO. “When we started working there were 9,300 outages.”

Check power outage maps for your area below:

The City of Kilgore says their main focus is cleaning up down power lines debris from major roads, they will then send crews out to help clear debris from residents homes. In the meantime, those living in the area say they are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened.

"It's just the type of the damage and the power of the winds makes me think it was a tornado," says Gray. Despite the damage city officials report that there were no injuries.

The National Weather Service says this damage came from straight line winds, not a tornado.

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