Black Violin duo encourages students to see the world differently, overcome stereotypes

Musicians use hip-hop to bring classical music to kids

Black Violin duo encourages students to see the world differently, overcome stereotypes

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Two classically trained musicians performed in Lufkin Thursday, but their show isn’t a typical concerto. The musical duo Black Violin combines the melody of classical music with hip-hop to bring audiences an experience that’s hard to replicate. The group gave a special performance at Lufkin Middle School and encouraged students to use their talents to see the world in a different way.

“It opens the children’s imaginations," said Ginger Trotter of the Angelina Arts Alliance. "It allows them to believe that the sky is the limit.”

Musicians Kev Marcus and Wil B. met in high school where they were introduced to classical instruments. Since then, they have gone on to produce three albums and tour across the country. They tell younger audiences that their key to success was hard work and thinking outside the box.

“If you want to be a musician, make sure you practice, practice, practice," Marcus said to Lufkin Middle School students. "We were your age, sitting here just like you guys. The reason why we’re doing this is because we thought about this instrument in a different way.”

While they encourage kids to take up an instrument, their message reaches those with other talents as well.

“They try to open up the subject matter to believe that not only can you make those sorts of achievements in music, but you can also do it in the other areas of study,” Trotter said.

“Whether it’s English, science, math, skateboarding, basketball, just look at it from a different perspective and do it in a way that nobody else is doing it,” Marcus said.

They also tell kids that where they come from or what they look like shouldn’t stop them from achieving their goals.

“You gotta break stereotypes," Marcus said. "We don’t look like your normal violinists up here. People used to always tell us, ‘it’s impossible what you’re doing.’ If someone tells you that you can’t or shouldn’t do something, use that as fuel to prove them wrong.”

Black Violin’s latest album is available for streaming and download.

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