Huntington boys “scramble to victory”, win three calf scrambles in a row

Huntington boys “scramble to victory”, win three calf scrambles in a row

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - For three high school freshman in Huntington, handling farm animals is a part of everyday life.

“Last weekend, I had to saddle up with my pony back there so I could go choke a heifer so I could go tag her out in the pasture," Carson Evett of Huntington said.

His friend Clayton Ross added, “Well you know, we’ve always run around with choking these yearlings.”

They don’t literally choke calves, just wrestle them to the ground, a skill that you can actually compete with.

“We decided ‘Alright, let’s go do it in front of a crowd',’” Ross said.

“The boys were selected to participate in three different calf scrambles: one in Fort Worth, one in San Antonio, one in Houston," said Christina Evett, Carson’s mom.

Each participant went out with a group of up to 30 others, trying to catch one of 15 calves.

“You had to catch it, halter it, and lead it back to the judges,” Evett said

“They came in first and second in all of them, either or first or second," said Lacie Ross, Clayton’s mom. "They did really well.”

Friends and family say for all three of them to catch at each scramble is incredibly rare, but the boys shrug their shoulders at the idea.

“Everybody else told us it was rare but we just kind of ran out there and did our thing,” Ross said.

Dalton Morton who also competed said, “Your adrenaline is running. Some kids are nervous but I wasn’t nervous.”

It’s more than just a competition. It’s a step towards their future.

“The boys will get to purchase good quality heifers and [by] catching at all three, they can combine those certificates," Evett said. "In the long run, they can continue to show that heifer, breed it and show maybe steers from it or continue growth of a cattle production.”

“They’ll give you a scholarship for catching there, so that’ll help me go to college,” Morton said.

Clayton added, “This is what we want to keep doing forever. Raising cattle, showing them, breeding them, just going through all that, so it also gives us a boost to start that."

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