Timber company in Diboll invests in future with new crane built to improve efficiency

Timber company in Diboll invests in future with new crane built to improve efficiency

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - As the timber industry continues to grow in Deep East Texas, companies like Georgia Pacific are embracing advancement by investing in tools to make their jobs easier; in this case, it’s by way of a massive new crane.

Georgia Pacific’s plant manager at Diboll Lumber showed off the new crane, and explained how it would help on a daily basis.

“It gives us a lot of opportunities both for the community and our employees; the truck drivers, the industry,” said Danny Wright, plant manager at Diboll Lumber. “We’re able to speed up our process, improve the number of trucks we get in every day. We’ve got built in safeties around the capacity of the crane, which allows the operators to feel more comfortable.”

Overall, a big improvement not just for the area, but the industry, Wright added.

The new crane is what workers in the industry call a “one-bite crane," meaning it only takes “one bite" for the crane to unload an entire truck. It’s an improvement from the previous 2 or 3 “bites” from the location’s previous crane. Load times used to take truck drivers up to an hour.

“It’s great, you’re in and out,” said Richard Carrington, truck driver with Triple J Delivery Service. “Five minutes, you’re in and out. It’s a big help having it.

“The quicker I can get in and out, that’s an extra load I can make. Ten or 15 minutes is a lot in the run of a day. If you can save 15 minutes a load, that’s another load in the mill for me," Carrington added.

“Much faster turnaround times,” Wright explained. “It’s also increased in height, so we’re able to stack more logs underneath our new crane, which will cut down on having to transport wet logs in here and keep the mill running at all times.”

The new crane is the first step in lumber processing at the plant. Wright added that everything starts with the crane, and if it doesn’t operate at a high level, the rest of the mill is bogged down.

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