Workshop teaches youth about self-worth, relationships, sisterhood

Young ladies discuss real conversations about growing pains through workshop

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After seeing a need to address the challenges that many young people face in today’s society, Coach Ivorie Ford decided to pour the real truth about what God words says to help.

The workshop was held at Angelina College and titled: What’s Tea? Real life Conversations About Growing Pains.

“And in this world, we have so many different resources and sources through social media, through movies and through music that are pouring things into young people that are not truths and from that I saw how they started to act out,” said Ford.

The workshop focused on four different objectives which was purity, self-worth, relationships and sisterhood lead by Trice Alexander, Tia Johnson and Kivana Ford.

“And I think that’s something that was very important because a lot of us don’t want to vocally talk about the things we struggle with, but when we can write them down then we can return to those and substitute what’s wrong with truths,” said Ford.

Young ladies’ grades 6- 12 were also in attendance and shared some of the issues they’ve faced.

“I’ve seen people get bullied like throwing stuff at them and talking about them,” said seventh-grader, Jlyn Hart.

“In high school a lot of people didn’t know this, I struggled with what I would call an identity crisis. I really allowed basketball to change who I was because of the expectations of other people,” said Ford.

And what they learned to overcome their struggles.

“Stick to yourself, don’t let people get to your head and stick to what you think and keep it inside your heart that you’re a beautiful person and God made you the way he made you for a reason,” said Hart.

“And one of the things that I had to do was make sure I was confident in what God had created me to be and not what other people wanted me to be,” said Ford.

Ford said now her goal is to allow her obedience and perseverance to encourage other generations.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure we pour into these young men and young ladies, so that they don’t find their worth or answers from things that do not allow them to have the best life,” said Ford.

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