Lufkin therapist among 4 arrested in alleged THC gummies ring

Lufkin therapist among 4 arrested in alleged THC gummies ring
From left: Juanda Morgan, Chance Richey, Catherine Richey and Meghan Sutton.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin police have arrested four people for their part in making and trafficking THC edibles.

One of the arrested, Juanda Carroll Morgan, of Lufkin, is a licensed professional counselor. She was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity.

The other three arrested are Meghan Lynn Sutton, of College Park, Catherine Richey, of Lufkin, and Chance Daniel Richey, of Lufkin. Sutton is charged with five counts of delivery of a controlled substance. Catherine and Chance Richey are each charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Arrest documents name two others who Lufkin police spokeswoman Jessica Pebsworth said have pending warrants.

According to the probable cause affidavit, police began investigating Sutton on Oct. 17. A detective obtained a search warrant for Sutton’s Facebook account and conducted several controlled deliveries of THC from her.

The detective “located during the examination of the paperwork provided from the Facebook search warrant, that Sutton was direct messaging ‘friends’ on Facebook about her THC Gummy trafficking business, soliciting customers and generally talking about the amount of money she was making and where she was obtaining the THC to cook the edibles."

The affidavit shows a message she sent to Catherine Richey:

""So after our all over the place conversation yesterday lol I just want to establish something with you. I know you mentioned me to [withheld] and I kinda know him, but I can’t have and don’t want my name out there. I have kids and a career to think about. So in the future please don’t tell anyone that I’m a part of this at all. I know you’re a single mom right now and the other ladies have a business reputation to uphold so we all have something on the line. I just don’t think it’s wise to tell buyers/sellers who’s making it, how it’s made or when it’s being made. The less people know the better. They want to get high they don’t need to know anything other than what they’re buying will make that happen. I love you like a sister so when I say you talk alot and let things slip I say it from my heart. If you’re agreeable to not use my name or make any associations between us known, other than our friendship, I’m good to come to this get together tonight. No guarantees on my end that I’m in, but I’ll here you out some more and see how I feel about it."

The affidavit states the detective also saw screenshots of THC gummies shaped like fish so Catherine Richey could show what kind of an asset she would be for the business.

The affidavit states that on Sept. 7, 2018, Richey sent a screenshot of the cost of a roundtrip flight from Houston to Denver in order to gt THC oil from a Denver dealer.

The detective also obtained a warrant for Sutton’s phone records and found evidence of Sutton and Catherine Richey’s efforts to cook, traffick and how much money they made. There was also evidence involvement of Richey’s husband, Chance Richey, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit lastly details the involvement of Morgan, Sutton’s mother. The affidavit states Sutton texted Richey, “I let mom have a free gummy. I thought you’d approve. Mom says its for research. she can tell us what the do to a light-weight.”

Cat messages Sutton, 'What did your mom say?, Sutton responds, 'She said she felt good...she ate two.”

The affidavit also states Morgan may have been asked to loan money so Sutton could buy more THC oil and she also assisted in delivering the edibles by dropping them off in a mailbox and leaving some at her office on another occasion.

All four have bonded out of jail.

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