Changes allowing docks for residents on Lake Naconiche awaiting approval from Army Corps of Engineers

Changes allowing docks for residents on Lake Naconiche awaiting approval from Army Corps of Engineer

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Lake Naconiche could be undergoing some changes soon. County commissioners in Nacogdoches approved updates to the lake’s regulations that prevent property owners from building docks on the edge of the lake.

“People that own property on it, it will be a lot more efficient for them to have this floating pier where they can go down and get on their boat and go out and fish," County Commissioner Jerry Don Williamson said. "Otherwise, you have to carry your boat all the way down to the only boat landing at the park down there to put your boat in.”

Regulations for the lake originally prevented residents on the lake from building a dock that extends into the lake, but the Park Board in Nacogdoches recently decided to approach the Army Corps of Engineers about changing the rules.

“If we change anything, we have to get their approval from the Corps of Engineers,” Williamson said.

“That dock’s going to be floating in the water which is the county’s lake," Park Board member Jimmy Mize said. "They can approve that but you’ve got to cross that strip of land and that’s why that involves the corps of engineers.”

According to Mize, altering these regulations will be a simple solution that he believes the Army Corps of Engineers will approve.

“A landowner who owns a lot on Lake Naconiche does not own all the way to the edge of the water," Mize said. "There is a strip of land that goes all the way around the lake and it is held as mitigation property for the wetlands that were lost when the lake was put in.”

He also says that this will also add to the growth of community and opportunity on Lake Naconiche.

“I think as we allow these docks we’ll see more development on the lake, which obviously is good for the economy," Mize said. "It builds the property tax base.”

Mize said it might be a few weeks before approval is given by the Army Corps of Engineers. At that point, the Park Board will appoint a committee that will oversee the application process for residents wanting to build docks and piers.

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