Father, daughter in Nacogdoches talk about narrowly escaping house fire

Father, daughter in Nacogdoches talk about narrowly escaping house fire

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A father and daughter in Nacogdoches said escaping a fire which destroyed their home was a team effort which likely saved both of their lives.

John Woodson was resting in his bedroom after he was released from the hospital on Wednesday, March 20. His daughter, Shari Jackson, was just about to shower and go to bed, when they both heard glass shattering. When they both went to check it out, they discovered the home was on fire.

“It didn’t really spread, it just went up the electric stove and the window,” said Woodson. “It broke the window out and the fire was going backwards at first. Then after awhile, it twisted around with that all [those pine trees behind the home] and started come back.

“I told her, it’s time to go now,” Woodson added.

Jackson said once the flames spread back to the home, it started spreading along ceiling. To add to the stress of the situation, Jackson had to quickly figure out the best way to get her wheelchair-bound father safely out of the house.

“He’s a good assist, he can move pretty much, get in the chair. It';s just all about pushing him out the door,” said Jackson. “But he helped me more than I helped him, because he calmed me down. He kind of told me what to do because at that moment I was startled."

Jackson wheeled her father out safely, but received first and second-degree burns for her trouble. Their home was heavily damaged by the first, but the bedrooms, garage, and Woodson’s truck were intact. However, that changed several hours later, when Jackson’s husband returned to the home to see the damage for himself.

“Hey, the house is on fire again,” Earl Jackson said neighbors yelled as he pulled up. “The truck, the truck, the truck is on fire. Oh, Lord.”

An apparent hotspot in the home created the fire that destroyed the rest of the house and all of its contents. There were a few things a Nacogdoches firefighters saved for Jackson, which she will certainly hold dear.

“A cross, a Bible, and two pictures of my mom and my son’s senior basketball picture,” said Jackson.

When I tell u God is so good to the Jackson's. He keeps on blessing us over and over again. Thank u all who has help and...

Posted by Shari Jackson on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Jacksons believe a faulty stove may have started the fire. This week, the family is moving into another rental home. They thank Red Cross, LOVE Inc., their church, friends, and neighbors for all of the help they’ve received.

If you’d like to help the family replace some of the items they lost in the fire, family friends tell us they need clothes, dishes, all household items, and any furniture available. Shari wears a large blouse, pants size 12/13, and shoes size 8 1/2. Earl wears pants size 32/30 or 34/34, and a shoes size 10. As for Woodson, he is only in need of undergarments and socks size 14. He also lost a wheelchair in the fire which will need to be replaced.

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