Man accused of stealing 18-wheeler, lumber load at Diboll gas station

Man accused of stealing 18-wheeler, lumber load at Diboll gas station
Melvin Williams

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - A Houston man has been arrested following an investigation into the theft of an 18-wheeler and its load of lumber, reported stolen from a Diboll convenience store.

Melvin Troy Williams, 62, is charged with third-degree cargo theft.

Williams is accused of trying to sell the lumber to a Houston business and leaving the 18-wheeler on the shoulder of a road in Houston.

An investigator with DPS began looking into the theft on Dec. 29 when someone reported the truck stolen. The owner said the truck was equipped with a GPS device and was able to locate it on Northcourt Road in Houston. Houston police were able to locate the truck, but reported the load of lumber was missing.

The truck owner reviewed the GPS data and discovered the truck had stopped for more than 30 minutes on Rittenhouse Road in Houston, according to the affidavit. The owner then traveled to the location and found the stolen lumber inside a gated lot.

The DPS investigator then spoke to the owner of the business, who explained he bought supplies in bulk and resold for profit and he said he did not know the lumber was stolen.

The business owner then provided a phone number for someone known as “Quentia,” who had contacted the business owner about selling the lumber. He said he had not made payment because the business owner thought the lumber would be difficult to sell. He said he thought “Quentia” had delivered the lumber overnight while nobody was there.

The investigator was able to connect Williams to the phone number after requesting records. The records also showed Williams used his cell phone the night of Dec. 28 and into the morning of Dec. 29 and the calls were traced from towers in Diboll south to Houston.

The investigator obtained a warrant for Williams’ arrest on April 4.

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