18-wheeler spills animal waste on Texas freeway

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK/CNN) - The southwest freeway in Sugar Land, TX, reopened Tuesday afternoon after an 18-wheeler lost a load of slaughtered cattle remains.

Police said the freeway had been closed until noon while road crews and a hazmat team cleaned up the mess.

The truck driver did not stop to clean up the mess on Highway 59.

Sugar Land police said it happened right around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday on the in-bound lanes as thousands of cars were heading into town.

“We found what appeared to be several hundred pounds of animal waste, which we believed was the slaughtered remains of cattle,” said Doug Adolph, spokesperson, for the Sugar Land Police Department. “We’re thinking that it possibly spilled out from the front of the trailer and then onto the freeway.”

“We do know that he continued traveling northbound toward Beltway 8 and that there were small amounts of debris at other locations on the highway,” he said.

"See that's the type of people we don't need in this world, especially here in Houston, there's so much traffic everywhere," said one commuter.

"To me they should not go through the major by-ways, maybe different routes," said another.

The piles of animal waste forced police to close three lanes of traffic creating a massive headache for drivers. The congestion lasted nearly four hours.

Police said people are lucky there were no crashes or chain reaction after the spill.

A witness was able to get the license plate and police have been trying to get a hold of that truck owner, out of Franklin, TX.

He now faces a possible citation for an unsecured load.

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