Angelina County Fair offers first-time showcase opportunity for special need participants

VIDEO: Angelina County Fair offers first-time showcase opportunity for special need participants

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - For the first time, the Angelina County Fair is giving kids with special needs an opportunity to show off their stuff!

Registration is open for special needs participants interested in showing livestock during the county fair.

Elizabeth Brandenburg, one such child who will be participating in the event, got a look at one of the animals she’ll be showing during the fair.

“Oh my gosh, she’s loving it. It makes my heart so happy," said Wendy Brandenburg, Elizabeth’s mom.

Elizabeth is one of many special needs kids who will be participating in the ‘Reach for the Stars’ portion of the livestock showcase. The event pairs a participant with a “show buddy” to present their animal.

“This is already a special opportunity for our children anyway through our community, and just getting them involved shows that they can do just what our children do, or any child does," said Danielle Chumley, livestock show coordinator.

Organizers said it’s also a chance to give special needs parents a sense of pride, knowing their child can succeed in the show ring.

“With them coming here and seeing that their kids can do this, then all these other opportunities are there, too," said Chumley. “If they can see them in this one spot, maybe they can see them in all the other activities as well.”

And, to show everyone that these kids can enjoy the same activities as others.

“I know it’s different for them. They have special, you know, accommodations that have to be made,” said Brandenburg. “But, this shows them that they can truly be a part of something bigger than just what they do every day.”

The Angelina County Fair runs from April 15 to April 20 at the Angelina County Exposition Center. The ‘Reach for the Stars’ showcase will take place Friday, April 19 at 3 p.m.

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