Boat dock repaired at Cassels-Boykin ramp on Lake Sam Rayburn

Boat dock repaired at Cassels-Boykin ramp on Lake Sam Rayburn

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A damaged boat dock at Cassels-Boykin park is now back in working order.

Just two months ago, storms caused damage to the boat dock, knocking it out of its place.

“When the lake was about 10-foot high with all the storms, it was damaged. It actually floated off the poles,” said Jason Kartye, Angelina County parks director.

It was late February when this boat dock floated away.

It came to rest on the banks of Lake Sam Rayburn. A crew with the Angelina Parks Department hauled it onto the grass here.

“We got it secured, and then we had to order, replace all the flotation underneath it. There’s 24 of those big foam blocks, so that all had to be replaced,” Kartye said.

For about two months, boaters had to pull up onto the muddy lake shore while they went to get their trucks.

“You can see, whenever they pull down here and unload their boat, they have to pull over to the rocks, to the shore,” said Terry Pitts, the Precinct 3 county commissioner. “Some of these expensive boats, they don’t like pulling them up there. With this dock, they can just tie off beside it and then get out and go get their truck and put in the water, and they never have to pull their boats up onto the bank.”

After waiting a month for the replacement dock floats, county crews and the parks department worked together to repair the dock and place it back into the lake.

“We needed two machines. I had one, and Terry had one, or Mr. Pitts, and they called to see if I could help set this thing back in, and we did. I sent one man down with myself, and we got it set now. It’s locked in place,” said Greg Harrison, the Precinct 1 county commissioner.

Boaters said they are glad the dock is in, and the muddy lake shore is out.

“Really the safety thing, jumping off and hitting mud and slipping and hurting yourself. It sure is nice to have it back. It makes it a lot easier on you,” said Brad Miller, a resident.

In total, repairs cost about $8,000.

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