Texas cursive writing requirement goes into effect next school year

Texas cursive writing requirement goes into effect next school year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Cursive writing will soon be return to Texas public school classrooms.

The State Board of Education decided in 2017 that cursive should be part of curriculum for second graders.

That change takes effect this fall.

Over the holidays, Kelly Johnson’s second grade class at Hudson’s Peavy Primary school started learning cursive.

"We decided to go ahead and start this year here in my class after Christmas," said Johnson said. "So we just started with few letters and we try to connect those letters. The first day we started with a for a couple of strokes, then we added A, C, and then T.

Second grader Gracelyn Wilson is all about cursive handwriting.

“I like how it goes with the fluency, and it’s kind of fast, and it’s kind of slow, and it’s in the middle so I like that,” Wilson said.

Curriculum changes made by the State Board of Education two years ago mean second graders will be taught the fancy script starting this fall.

“They are excited to have a signature. They want to their own signature because they see mom’s and dad’s signatures on their papers or report cards, so I’ve really enjoyed seeing making it their own and do it when they weren’t asked to do it,” Johnson said.

The state said students should be able to complete an entire assignment in legible, cursive handwriting by the time they are in fifth grade.

The principal at Hudson’s primary school said it’s a lost art students should learn.

“When you think about historical documents like the Constitution, all of those are written in cursive. If you can’t read it, and you can’t write it, then you’re not going to know part of the history that has developed over the years,” said Laura Mikael, the principal at Peavy Primary.

The State Board of Education made changes to the guidelines in 2017.

All districts will implement it in the 2019-20 school year.

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