Family remembers children killed in storm

Family remembers children killed in storm

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Boyd Swearingen was at work in Houston when he received the devastating phone call from his daughter Brittney Creel.

Eight-year-old Dilynn Creel and 3-year-old Jace were killed in a crash when a tree fell on a car during the storm, trapping them.

“It was just disbelief you know, it was just total disbelief, so I came here it was a good two hours for me and my wife and other family members were coming here as fast as they could, and they took mom and dad to the hospital and so that’s where I met them,” said Swearingen.

Swearingen said the tragedy has been difficult for parents Brittney and Eddie Creel.

“Obviously shaken, this is unnatural you are not supposed to bury your children and it’s a tremendous hardship and she’s you know they are holding up and that’s about all I can say in how they are doing," said Swearingen.

As well for Tiffany Burgess and Larry Weeks, who is the aunt and step-father to Eddie.

“In the grieving process, shock, denial it still feels like we are in a dream. I loved those two boys with all my heart, I will cherish those memories forever with them coming to my house,” said Burgess.

“It’s like trying to wake up from a nightmare," said Weeks.

As the Creel family comes together, they said they will cherish the memories of Jace and Dilynn to get through this tragic time.

“They were full of energy, when Dilynn came to my house he loved to watch the fish tank and whenever I would go and meet my nephew in Cleveland I would always make sure I had my Dr. Pepper and his Funyuns because that was his thing,”said Burgess.

“We have a small John Deer utility tractor and Dilynn he finally got old enough to where he could drive it by himself and he looked forward to that every time he would come see us and he was very protective of his brother ..they were very close. “

Dilynn Creel was a second-grader at Central Elementary School.

A GoFundMe account has also been created to support the Creel Family.

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