Huntington ISD students contact crew aboard International Space Station

VIDEO: Huntington High School students contact astronauts aboard International Space Station

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - After several failed attempts, a group of Huntington ISD students can now say they’ve made contact with space.

On Monday, 10 students made direct contact with the crew aboard the International Space Station. Each student asked the astronauts questions about space ranging from how being in space affects blood pressure to whether their spacesuits are custom made to fit them.

Previous attempts didn’t go as planned, but today’s mission was a success. The students took turns asking the NASA astronauts questions via ham radio.

The students obtained their ham radio licenses from the Federal Communications Commission which was a requirement to participate in trying to speak with the NASA astronauts.

The ISS has had a ham radio system on board for almost 20 years now, making this kind of communication possible.

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