National Weather Service confirms EF-2 tornado caused damage in Sacul

Community coming together after storm damages several structures, downs trees

National Weather Service confirms EF-2 tornado caused damage in Sacul
Tornado damage in Sacul in Nacogdoches County. National Weather Service says EF-2 tornado that hit Alto also caused damage in Sacul. (Jamey Boyum/KLTV Multimedia Journalist)

SACUL, TX (KTRE) - SACUL, TX (KLTV) - According to the National Weather Service, an EF 2 tornado cut a path through Sacul on Saturday. Sacul is northeast of Alto. The NWS says the tornado was from the same storm that hit Alto so hard.

The tornado entered town through the cemetery knocking down trees and destroying the fence. It moved across Highway 204 and slammed into a house knocking down trees onto it.

Ryan Palmer, his son and four others were in the house when it hit.

“We all got the kids in the hallway and got in the bathtub and I went and got blankets and covered up. Felt the roof rip off and trees hitting the house and glass shattering, and we stayed in there until everything seemed calm and then I went outside to check everything out,” Palmer said.

He said three trees hit the house, and power poles were downed across the street.

“Nobody got hurt,” Palmer stated.

A short time later the neighborhood was outside.

“There was a bunch of volunteers and neighbors that came out. They were helping move debris and checking on everybody,” Palmer recalled.

People like Robin and Cameron Watts whose kids saw the trees hit the house across the street.

“We got up to go check and make sure everything was okay. And I was surprised other community members also; everybody who had saw it was over there trying to make sure they were all right,” Cameron said.

After Saturday’s storm they helped Palmer and the others move across the street to another home owned by the same landlord.

Up the road Carrie Duncan and her husband Jess came home to a torn up house. They had been at a relative’s home making sure they would be okay during the storm.

“We were actually coming home to get equipment to go to Alto to help there. When we showed up here we decided we probably needed to take care of this first,” Carrie said.

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