Alto-gether: Stories of the storm

Dream homes lost, but community still grateful

Stories of the Storm

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - As we continue to learn more details about the path of destruction left behind by Saturday’s tornado’s, harrowing stories of survival have been shared.

Two houses sitting on opposite sides of a street in Alto have very different stories to tell, but they have the same message—Alto always comes together for a neighbor in need.

“It sounded like an explosion, that’s what it sounded like to me at least,” recounts Jennifer Comeaux, who lost everything Saturday. “I just remember the sound and then the pressure changing and being sucked out into the yard.”

Her house was carried several yards away from the foundation. She and her family had lived in the home less than a year.

“We loved our home, our kids loved our home, we homeschooled and we had a beautiful classroom,” Comeaux said.

The before and after of the Comeaux home in Alto. (Source: KTRE)
The before and after of the Comeaux home in Alto. (Source: KTRE)

Her children and husband weren’t home when the tornado hit.

“If my kids had been home, this would have had a very different ending,” Comeaux said. “There are really no words to describe the kind of destruction, but if you just put your faith in God, He will help see you through it.”

She said she is so thankful for protection during the storm.

“It is beautiful to see this community coming together, it is beautiful,” Comeaux said.

On the opposite side of the street sits Ben Wallace’s father’s home. He lives in Illinois now, but remembers when he got the phone call Saturday about the storms.

Wallace home in Alto (Source: KTRE)
Wallace home in Alto (Source: KTRE)

“I got a phone call from my friend and he’s like, ‘you need to call your dad, you need to check on him,’” Wallace said. “He said there was destruction everywhere, but when I called my dad I couldn’t get ahold of him.”

His friends were able to cut their way through debris to find his dad safe, but at this point he was already on his way from outside of Saint Louis to now help with recovery.

“I had no idea it was going to be this bad. I grew up here and I’ve never seen a storm this bad before,” Wallace said.

He says he’s not surprised to see neighbors helping neighbors.

"In times like these there’s a saying: ‘Alto-gether.’” Wallace said.

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