Mission Tejas State Park historic log homes unscathed from storms

Mission Tejas State Park historic log homes unscathed from storms

WECHES, TX (KTRE) - Homes, cars, shelters and even historical sites at Caddoan Mounds bear scars from Saturday’s storms.

But just across the Neches River, one historical structure escaped damage.

“If you’ll look at this corner right here, this is a full 'V' notch, makes an entire 'V', its the same way on this end," said Gary Coker, Mission Tejas State Park Superintendent.

The logs are interlocked in the right places and withstood the weekend tornadoes.

“Well it is structurally sound, the way the logs are interlocked together that has a lot to do with it,” Coker said.

It’s part of Texas history, the log homes at the Mission Tejas State Park were built between 1828 to 1838.

“It is a pier and beam structure, had the tornadoes come here probably at the very least probably taken the roof off,” Coker said.

It’s spared the roof, the whole home and other areas of the state park, but high winds moved several benches from its place.

“These benches are usually are set up outside the building. We never do have them out across the porches like this. I’m assuming the high winds kind of slid them out a bit,” Coker said.

Campers at the state park said they say hail, pine tree swaying and just lots of debris from Saturday’s storms.

“The winds started kicking up pretty good, we had a little bit of hail, probably marble sized was coming down and the heavy rains from our weather station I recorded almost 4 inches in basically in 4 hours,” said Bruce Nance, a camper.

The historic site just outside the path of the tornadoes two miles east of the park.

“I feel for Tony Souther and folks over at Caddoan Mounds they were having a big event,” Coker said.

The log homes were donated in 1973 to the Mission Tejas State Park by surviving members of the Rice family.

To help the victims of these storms, click here to donate to either the American Red Cross or the East Texas Food Bank. Both agencies are working daily in these storm-impacted areas of East Texas.

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