Alto businesses offer more than what they sell

Alto businesses offer more than what they sale

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Alto is on the crossroads to the big box stores, but who wants to make the almost 30-mile trip when there’s Harv’s Hardware right on the corner. It’s the place that has a doggie in the window. Lucy provides some pet therapy without realizing it.

Owner and manager Harvey Jones has displayed a sign that reads, “I hope something good happens to you today.” He knows it takes on special meaning days after two tornadoes swept thru town

“I just want people to feel good about their selves and have a good day,” said Jones. The businessman received extensive damage to his property but still comes to work. He accepted special delivery of 400 tarps today.

It’s a mission for Alto businesses, a few days after two tornadoes passed through town.

Mollie Watson, the owner and manager of Miss Mollie's Diner nods to three men dishing up pork chops and mashed potatoes.

"That's Cherokee County Electric coming in to eat lunch. They’re on their fourth day here restoring electricity."

“Everybody is between electricity being off and just putting in so many hours. Exhausted would be a good word," said Watson.

The hometown woman used a generator to open-up on Sunday to provide nourishment. She donated plates of good food at a church that set up a kitchen.

Litas’ Mexican Restaurant was the first to offer up restored, free WI-FI.

Down the road store director Donald Burnett is keeping shelves stocked at Brookshire Brothers. The sign got blown away, but it’s where free food will be served up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

"Farm Bureau is going to be setting out here. Corporate will be setting up a place on Saturday out here. And then another group of people will be setting up Sunday”, said Burnett.

Easter Sunday mind you. A day for Jones to say, “Thank God I’m alive.”

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