Donations for storm victims pour into Alto Missionary Baptist Church

Donations for storm victims pour into Alto Missionary Baptist Church

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Hundreds of donations have been brought to the Alto Missionary Baptist Church to help the people that were affected by the storms last weekend.

“We received a lot of donations. They came in really fast and in large amounts, so yesterday we got a little overwhelmed with being able to put up what came in,” said Terri Grogan, a volunteer.

However, that didn’t stop volunteers like 12-year-old Lucy Schochler and her family from lending a helping hand.

“I know a lot of people here have to rebuild and find a new home,and I know it can be hard,” Schochler said.

Schochler said she also knows what it’s like to be impacted by a storm.

“I can’t say I know exactly how they feel, but me and my family suffered through Harvey, and our house was completely wiped out, and we came to a place kind of like this, a little church where they had some stuff,” Schochler said

Those at the church said they need all of the volunteers they can get.

“As the day wears on, a lot of people have to leave, so the evening time, the volunteers kind of thin down, so evening volunteers will be great because it does get a little busy in the evening, and we have people coming in who have been cleaning up,” Grogan said.

“I mean people lost their homes. They lost family, a couple of people have died. The Indian Mounds were destroyed, so much was lost, and I feel like I owe them,” said Schochler.

Donations will be accepted at Alto Missionary Baptist Church throughout the end of the week.

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