East Texas Food Bank donated food and supplies to residents in Alto

East Texas Food Bank donated food and supplies to residents in Alto

ALTO, TX (KTRE) -The Alto Food Bank received a donation of food from the East Texas Food Bank.

Alberta Pope has little to no food in her home, due to the storms that impacted Alto.

“We lost a little food because our lights and electricity was off, and we couldn’t cook, and my deep freezer ... it was kind of cold but still I lost some of my food in there. I just thank God for the food pantry and everything and we can come down here and get some food,” said Pope.

Her sister Bertha Pope was also impacted, but says she is thankful for all of the support they have received.

“Everybody is amazing here, everybody is passing out food and water. It’s just amazing, and down at my church it messed the church up and everybody is so friendly, and I think that’s really, really, nice,” said Pope.

Alto Food Bank Executive Director, Siu Chapa, credits the help of their volunteers for assisting the local residents during their time of need.

“You know Alto is a very small community and when things happen we just get together and make sure to take care of each other, and that’s what our purpose is, to make sure that everyone has some food that needs it,” Chapa said.

For Alberta, she said most importantly she is thankful to still be alive and have a home to go to.

“I was afraid, but my house was damaged just a little bit, not a whole lot, and we got a lot of trees around the house and everything like that. We are still alive, and we can still live in the house,” said Pope.

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