Contractors in Alto say recent rainfall may hinder their cleanup efforts

Contractors in Alto say recent rainfall may hinder their cleanup efforts

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - A few thunderstorms moved through East Texas early Thursday morning. Many communities experienced power loss and heavy rainfall, one of them being the city of Alto, a community that has already had its share of disastrous weather. Most homes have donated tarps on their roofs to prevent additional rain damage while others are more vulnerable.

Some holes seem too big to cover. Workers with Duplichain Contractors were left with a large hole over their shop after tornadoes came through Alto. Workers say rainfall coming through the open ceiling has caused further problems, preventing them from working on construction vehicles used to aid in recovery efforts.

“We won’t be able to do as much," said contractor Celso Perez. "With the roof ceiling falling in, there won’t be much we can do.”

It’s also ruining some of their construction materials as well.

“That cement that we have, it kind of like, most of the bags got ripped so most of that will be getting wet and just kind of going down the drain,” Perez said.

They say that Thursday morning’s rainfall could present other roadblocks to the clean up as well. Soft, muddy ground will make it difficult for them to dump fallen trees and limbs they’ve removed from the road.

“With the rain it’s going to be real hard because we’re dumping out in our pit, it’s going to be real muddy and nasty and so it’s just gonna be a slow process," said contractor Joel Finley.

In spite of these difficult conditions, Duplichain Contractors say they are determined to help put their community back together again. They say they’re hopeful dry weather will help speed up the process

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