Glory Gang back in the charity spotlight at KTRE Pineywoods Showdown

Glory Gang back in the charity spotlight at KTRE Pineywoods Showdown

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There is a reason that Glory Gang Ministries has become one of the go-to-charities for Nacogdoches All-Star teams at the KTRE Pineywoods Showdown.

The reason - love for a community. For 20 years, Glory Gang Ministries has worked with children all over the Nacogdoches County area.

We have like a giant Sunday school," Pastor Richard Konderla said. “We have different teams that go out and visit the children and bring them to the service and build a relationship with the children. We call it organized chaos.”

Each week an average of 400 students step through the doors of the church that is loud, filled with crazy lights and offers a place of refuge from everyday life.

“At Christmas we try to give the kids presents and sometimes bikes,” Konderla said. “One time we had a parent get their kid off of the bus and we had the bike and she broke down and cried. She said, ‘I didn’t think you were serious. '"

“Richard Konderla could have made a fortune doing many different things,” Nacogdoches All-Star coach Lance Butler said. “He is a brilliant man but his calling to the Lord and Kids took precedent over all of that.”

When the all-stars for Nacogdoches take the floor they are very much aware of Glory Gang. Cushing senior Madison Wright has done school community service with the group.

“I remember how they don’t have what everyone else has but they are very grateful for the community giving back to them,” Wright said.

Her teammate for the night, Martinsville senior Kaitlyn Revill, once was a part of the group with her stepdad while he drove buses to pick up kids.

“All of them are excited to be there and learn about God. They were just thankful that Glory Gang gave them the opportunity.”

The ministry teaches the bible but they also want the kids to be kids.

“When they come in here they will experience an atmosphere that will take them away from their problems for a little bit and helps them feel loved,” Konderla said. "You would think that after 20 years people would know us but we are still getting our name out there to new people. This event has helped with that. This is an event that really helps us.

he 11th annual KTRE Pineywoods Showdown, which pits high-school basketball seniors from both counties of Angelina and Nacogdoches, will be held Thursday, April 25, at the Central Heights high school gym.

The girls' game starts at 6 p.m. and the boys will follow after.

Admission is $5 at the door. Children under the age of 5 can get in free.

The 10th year saw the Nacogdoches County girls win 54-41 and the Nacogdoches County boys win 79-71.

The game pits the top seniors of Angelina County against the top seniors of of Nacogdoches County in two basketball games. Each team's coach has selected a charity to play for. The winning teams' charities win proceeds from the door.

Below are rosters for each team:

Angelina County girls, coached by Andre Emmons of Diboll. Playing for Men’s Fieldhouse.

Kaylee Frazier and Madison Shaver of Central

Nia Mitchell and Michelle Finley of Diboll

Gracie England, Makiley Rhodes and Emily Vandover of Hudson

Micayla Havard and Jenna Flournoy of Huntington

Kurstyn Harden, Alexis Hood and Mikayla Bailey of Lufkin

Autymn Harrell of Pineywoods Academy

Nacogdoches County girls, coached by Lance Butler of Martinsville. Playing for Glory Gang.

Victoria Spencer of Central Heights

Briana Rushing of Chireno

Madison Wright and Shasta Thomas of Cushing

Sarah Lowery and Peyton White of Douglass

Sabrina Dove, Maci Mitchell and Selena Shepherd of Garrison

Kaitlyn Revill and Sierra Andrews of Martinsville

Tatyana Walker of Nacogdoches

Angelina County boys, coached by Patrick Sluga of Zavalla. Playing for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Cash Carrell and Jacob Davis of Central

Amahd Chavis and Ty Eddins of Diboll

Cade Courtney and Darrel Douglas of Hudson

Carson Hopper and Taylor Truss of Huntington

KeVonte Hurts and Torrance Agnew of Lufkin

Kellen Kruk of Pineywoods Academy

Tyler Broderick of Zavalla

Nacogdoches County boys, coached by Danny Enloe of Martinsville. Playing for American Cancer Society.

Christian Adams of Central Heights

Hunter Metteauer of Chireno

Jeremiah Wilson of Cushing

Bryce Berthot of Douglass

Rodrick Johnson of Garrison

Jaren James and Lane Manchack of Martinsville

Devious Whitaker and Bobby Phillips of Nacogdoches

Luke Alvis, Reece King and Logan Lucas of Woden

The following are scores from the previous nine years:


Nacogdoches girls 49, Angelina girls 61

Nacogdoches boys 66, Angelina boys 72


Nacogdoches girls 36, Angelina girls 48

Nacogdoches boys 51, Angelina boys 72


Angelina girls 65, Nacogdoches girls 31

Angelina boys 84, Nacogdoches boys 53


Nacogdoches girls 28, Angelina girls 48

Nacogdoches boys 62, Angelina boys 73


Nacogdoches girls 72, Angelina girls 74

Nacogdoches boys 72, Angelina boys 78


Nacogdoches girls 67, Angelina girls 36

Nacogdoches boys 61, Angelina boys 54


Angelina girls 40, Nacogdoches girls 44

Angelina boys 70, Nacogdoches boys 66


Angelina girls 66, Nacogdoches girls 52

Angelina boys 69, Nacogdoches boys 57


Angelina girls 57, Nacogdoches girls 44

Nacogdoches boys 71, Angelina boys 66


Nacogdoches girls 54, Angelina girls 41

Nacogdoches boys 79, Angelina girls 71

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