Storm survivors whose home was ripped off of the ground share their story

Storm survivors whose home was ripped off of the ground share their story

KENNARD, TX (KTRE) - Trey Cole recalls the horrific scenes from his home during the storms last weekend.

"The house - it blew about 60 or 70 yards, hit a tree and then it turned my whole house, and my house just exploded through the trees, and Blake was wrapped up in it,” said Cole, homeowner and survivor.

"I guess we all kind of realized what had happened, and I got up and was looking for them and found David and Garrett immediately. And my neighbor came running over with a chainsaw just as soon as I got out the house, and we were all covered in blood,” said Cole.

Cole’s friends David English, Garrett King and Blake Best were also inside of the home during the time.

"Me, David, and Blake had just woke up and we were talking about going bowling in Lufkin, and the wind just started picking up real bad and David opened up the door and his porch just flies by and shuts the door out of his hand,” said King.

"I ran to Trey to go tell him, and he was already in the kitchen, and so we just started looking out the window. The house just starts rolling and I closed my eyes and hoped for the best of me,” said Garrett.

Now all that’s left are steps from the front entrance and some debris from last weekend’s storms.

But families say while they are still in shock, they are most grateful to be alive.

"God was with us that day,” said Garrett.

Most importantly, the survivors credit their community for lending a helping a hand.

"They told me it was between 60 and 70 people with chainsaws cutting their way in here, between the ambulances, and we had a bunch of people with skidders, and dozers and track hoes and the whole community just kind of came together helping,” said Cole.

They did suffer a few injuries. Cole tore several ligaments in his knee. David suffered head trauma, receiving 10 staples. Garrett is recovering from a broken collar bone.

A gofundme account has also been setup to help Cole.

To help the victims of these storms, click here to donate to either the American Red Cross or the East Texas Food Bank. Both agencies are working daily in these storm impacted areas of East Texas.

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