Clergy preparing comforting Easter messages for tornado hit communities

Clergy preparing comforting Easter messages for tornado hit communities

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Easter is said to be the most important message for Christian clergy. After a week of loss, suffering and death the sermon writers will have plenty of material to give worshippers a connection to the Easter story.

"I'm anticipating a great message on Easter Sunday because even through the tragedy that we've been through we have the opportunity to be on a big stage to let the world know how we should love one another," said Ronnie Matthews, a servant of Highway 69 Church of Christ.

The love is shown by generosity. Food, water, clothing and work supplies were handed out free at so many locations today.

Deacon Ben White expects his pastor will use sharing in the Easter message.

"He will preach on how wonderfully they’ve provided for this community over and beyond any expectations."

Associate pastor of St. Thomas Chapel, Larry Jenkins was bent over a chain saw. The church is heavily damaged, but Easter won't be ignored.

" We have service as usual, but it just won't be at our house. It will be a someone else's house, but nevertheless it's God's house so we are going to do what we have to do to praise the Lord."

His mother and her daughter sang a hymn. The words were appropriate.

"I overcome heartaches and pain. I come thru the storm and the rain," the two sang.

"Love is the action word,” said Pastor Jenkins. “And that's what's happening today here on this ground at St. Thomas is that people are coming and helping us out."

Each church will send a common message on an Easter that will be long remembered.

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