A week after Alto storms, community teams together for Easter Egg hunt

A week after Alto storms, community teams together for Easter Egg hunt

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - It’s been seven days since the devastating tornadoes hit several East Texas counties including Alto and the Caddo Mounds area.

Many are still struggling to recover, but help is pouring in from all over. Piles of debris continue to collect on the sides of Alto streets, a reminder that on Saturday, just one week ago, lives were changed for many in this area.

“It tore the roof, most of the roof off of the house. There was debris just everywhere. It was pretty bad,” said Mary Stripling, a resident.

She and her husband, Jack, sit at a table in a church eating lunch. The Striplings said the storms completely wiped out their rent house and now they’re making plans to relocate, hopefully, to Broaddus.

But they’re not the only ones struggling.

“I lost everything but then I gained it back within 7 days double or more,” said Kristie Woodard, another Alto resident.

Woodard said the generosity of those she knows and even strangers have turned tears of sadness, to ones of joy.

She attended the community-wide Easter Egg hunt and hamburger cook-out to put her mind at ease.

Organizers said their aim is to bring some cheer to a community that lost it all. They partnered with Brookshire Brothers for a cook-out and the Hudson dance team who gathered donations of Easter eggs.

“They really, completely, had their lives turned upside down by the tornadoes so we just want, as the holiday approaches on Sunday, for these kids to have a meaningful time and kind of bring some normal, some normal time back to their life,” said Morgan Powers, a high-school senior with Hudson Highlights.

Powers said in all more than 8,000 Easter Eggs were donated.

To help the victims of these storms, click here to donate to either the American Red Cross or the East Texas Food Bank. Both agencies are working daily in these storm-impacted areas of East Texas.

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