Students compete in Special Olympics track and field event at Shelbyville ISD

Students compete in Special Olympics track and field event at Shelbyville ISD

SHELBYVILLE, TX (KTRE) - For over four years, Shelbyville ISD has given students with disabilities the opportunity to showcase their athletic skills through the Special Olympics Track and Field Event.

“This is the largest group we have had so far, everybody that participates gets a medal in the events that they participate in,” said Nigel Boyles, Girls Athletic Coordinator for Shelbyville.

Over 170 participants competed in events such as the long jump, tennis ball throw and relay races.

“God created all of us to be equal and some of us just need a little extra help, but we can accomplish many things and to be included is part of it. There special athletes but they are all given a talent,” Special Ed Director for Nacogdoches Co-Op.

Including fellowship with families, friends, and food.

“The families get to meet other families every year we have families that meet each other at this event and they begin friendships with one another and it lasts a lifetime,” said Boyles.

The main goal for the event school officials said is providing the students with the opportunity to be treated equal and form lasting relationships with other students.

“I hope they feel a sense of comradery, I hope that they get a sense of accomplishment and most of all the thrill of seeing their faces when they get those awards,” said Jones.

“This is a day for them and they have fun, and everybody just shows them how much we love them, and we appreciate them and support them,” said Boyles.

Special Olympians from 14 area school districts registered to participate in this year’s event

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