Spring in full bloom as flowers of all types blossom across East Texas

Spring in full bloom as flowers of all types blossom across East Texas

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - If you’ve noticed all of the beautiful flowers in bloom in parks and around your neighborhood this time of year, you’re not alone: gardening professionals say April and May live up to their springtime glory.

Brenda Swagerty with Plants for Texas said this time of year, you’d have a hard time finding a plant that wasn't in season.

“Most things are just beginning to bloom, or they’re in full bloom, depending on whether they were an early Spring or mid-Spring plant,” Swagerty explained. “Hydrangeas, roses; everything are about to just bust, absolutely bust color, and be beautiful for the rest of the summer.”

Swagerty added one of the main problems when it comes to gardening this time of year has to do with too much rainfall, especially in short amount of time. The biggest problem for most greenthumbs are fungal diseases.

“From root rot and crown rot, all the way up to leaf spots, because of the amount of rain we’ve had and the low period of time we’ve had in between rainstorms,” Swagerty said. “It’s really important to walk your garden every few days and catch things when they’re early and treat them, before they get out of control and do more damage to your plants than most people are willing to treat."

Fungal diseases aside, Swagerty encourages anyone looking to add color and complexity to their yards and gardens to start slow.

“Plan one project at a time if you can. Decide color choices and evergreens vs non-evergreens," Swagerty recommended. "Go with perennials that can will come back every year and give you color so you don’t have to replant every year and in specific areas so that it’s easier on you.”

Swagerty said spring flowers will stay in bloom until temperatures consistently hit higher than 85 degrees, which usually happens sometime around mid-June. Then, she said it will be time for summer blooms to take their place.

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