New bills would stop Daylight Saving Time in Texas

New bills would stop Daylight Saving Time in Texas

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - A pair of bills making their way through Texas legislature would keep the state on one time zone all year round.

HB 3784 would make Texans run on Daylight Saving Time year round, and HJR 117 would allow for the referendum to be voted on by Texans.

Not everyone wants the system gone though.

“If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, it’s been like this for years, why change it up now?” Mark Amador said.

This isn’t the first time Texas lawmakers thought about ending daylight saving time in the state. It is the first time they’re looking to put the decision partially in the hands of voters.

“I love the idea of the voters deciding. I’m always for that,” Kelly Jackson said.

He’d be fine with not changing the clocks.

“It just seems like a problem and inconvenience for a lot of people to have the time change," Jackson said. "It’s an antiquated thing that should probably go away.”

This change would mean more problems with travel, as just crossing the Red River would put you an hour ahead or behind.

The old idea that daylight saving is for farmers doesn’t hold a lot of weight anymore.

David Graf, Wichita County extension agent, says that farmers already work around their own schedules, and the time change doesn’t do much for them.

“I don’t think the farmers care one way or another, I think they’d appreciate one time and leave it set," he said. "If they’re not done at dark they keep working so the time doesn’t really impact them that much.”

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