Alto residents deal with more rain

Alto residents deal with more rain

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Residents in Alto are once again defending their homes against weather damage. Many homes have been protected only with blue tarps since tornadoes damaged the town in early April.

Resident Bradley Hogg’s roof is lying on the ground. Shingles have covered his whole backyard along with debris from his neighbor.

"That's not part of my roof. It's part of my neighbors roof. It was part of my neighbors roof the tin," Hogg said.

He now has tarp covering his home with what's left of his roof.

"I had one leak in my home. I went up there an fixed it. I had to put some more tarp in another place. It did leak for a while but then I fixed it. Stayed at the hotel for about two weeks," Hogg said.

He and his family aren't the only ones with holes in their roofs. Just on the other side of town, Jose Soto patched up three leaks in their home.

"That one is leaking water. But I fixed it with plywood and the other side is leaking one more time the water. And the other house too," Soto said.

He shows the damage the April 13th tornadoes caused his home. But the thought of Wednesday's storms is on Bradley Hogg's mind where he lays concern for his family.

"It's scary. They already a nervous wreck after the first one so they're scared, terrified. But i think it will be ok as long as god help us. So it will be ok," Hogg said.

Hogg said he and his family will continue to stay home during the storms this evening.

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