VIDEO: Man rescues 2 puppies found in Lufkin dumpster

Puppies found in dumpster

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Police & Fire Facebook page shared a video of two adorable puppies that were found in a trash dumpster on Tuesday.

Since the video was posted Tuesday morning, the video has been viewed almost 29,000 times, and it has been shared 153 times.

“These babies will soon be up for adoption at Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter,” the Facebook post stated. “We don’t know what their story is or how they ended up in this Dumpster, but we’ll bring you details as soon as we can.”

The post also had the hashtag, #heartless.

In the video, two puppies can be seen in the corner of a large trash dumpster. When G.B. Craig Flowers, the man who shot the video approaches the dumpster, they run toward him, tails wagging. The one that looks like a German shepherd yips loudly to get his attention.

“I’m at my work,” Flowers says in the video. “Someone has thrown two little puppies in a dumpster. If that ain’t heartless, I don’t know what is.”

Then Flowers offers his hand for the puppies to sniff.

“Just a second. I’ll get you out,” Flowers says in the video.

Flowers said he found the puppies in a dumpster in the 1400 block of Tulane Drive at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. He added the puppies weren’t seen at that location before, and they thought the puppies didn’t come from that residence.

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