Preliminary report shows scope of tornado damage in San Augustine County

Preliminary report shows scope of tornado damage in San Augustine County

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - New details came to light on Friday about the EF-2 tornado that hit San Augustine County two week ago.

Initial assessments found about 150 homes and 10 businesses damaged.

“You think that it goes on forever, but it was actually just seconds,” said Carol Vaughn, who was standing in the middle of her hallway as she and her husband rode the storm out on April 24.

Vaughn said more damage happened during those seconds than she ever could have expected. Her husband woke her up and moved them into the hallway that night.

“Our bed was situated right to my left,” Vaughn said.

Had she been in bed, it would be a different story today.

“Big trees fell on the back of the house. There are six windows, it shattered all of those windows, throwing that broken glass and outside debris into the bedroom through the wall,” Vaughn said.

Countless stories similar to the Vaughns can be found in San Augustine.

A preliminary report from County Judge Jeff Boyd indicates homes and businesses sustained a wide variety of damage.

“Just from an infrastructure damage, that’s county, city, water and the school system, we’re over $3 million. That’s without any personal losses so far,” Boyd said.

It was a scary experience that Vaughn said she hopes no one else ever has to experience.

“It’s been an experience, but I think that one that has brought our family probably closer,” Vaughn said.

San Augustine County officials said they will continue to assess damage in the county and seek assistance from state officials.

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