Huntington track star follows in mother’s fast footsteps

Huntington track star follows in mother’s fast footsteps

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) -This past weekend Mackenzie Hale set a state record at the UIL track and field state championships in Austin with the 4A 100 meter hurdles with a time of 14.03 seconds.

Setting a state record is not easy but setting it in front of over 20,000 people is almost impossible.

“It was super nerve-raking with all the crowd being super loud and all the scouts that are there,” Hale said.

It was the same event that her mother Tova Hale won in 2001 while at Huntington High School.

“So proud,” Tova said. “I was yelling so much I lost my voice. I think i get just as nervous when I would get ready to run as watching her getting ready to run. Once the gun goes I am good to go.”

Both the sophomore and her mother have the same track coach, Michelle Brookshire.

“Her mom was a phenomenal athlete and so was her dad here at Huntington so she just has that in her. I saw her when she was in elementary running field day and thought, ‘Oh that is something special right there.’ Having a mom and a daughter winning the same event is just an awesome feeling. I am sure it has happened other places but not for me."

Hale brought home medals in the long jump and 200 meter dash as well. With two years left, Hale still has time to get some more hardware at future state meets.

“I am not sure how much more I can get,” Hale said. " I don’t know yet. I will go with the flow."

Brookshire thinks when it is all said and done she will go down as one of the best to come out of Huntington’s track program.

“The sky is the limit,” Brookshire said. “I think she has just barely broke into her potential. We are looking for to do some big things over the next few years.”

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