Homeowners in Alto make recovery efforts a month later

Homeowners in Alto make recovery efforts a month later

ALTO, Texas (KTRE) - Following recovery efforts of Alto homeowners who suffered tornado damage a month later, some have started demolishing their homes in order to move forward while others are working with their insurance agencies to complete their claims.

"I brought my rake, I'm going to clean the front yard make it more presentable," said Monty Collins on Wednesday.

Collins is reminiscing about what was lost in the storm, one of his treasured bibles.

"One of them suffered underwater and the other two are at the house," Collins said.

In this new reality, Collins remains chipper tackling the many decisions that have come his way in the month after the tornadoes.

"Today was normal activities I get out, get coffee, get breakfast, um make a food pickup," Collins said.

A new normal now is the food pickup is part of his daily routine, said Collins.

"It's just a tv dinner, not like-- it's ok cold. I carry a fork, it's in the car," said Collins.

The 86-year-old’s home is no more. His roof is gone. On Wednesday, he’s talking to insurance adjusters to document his loss hoping to get the most out his claim.

“I’m fine. Except for aging at the year of 86. I don’t feel devastated. From the time, from the moment I looked up and found no roof, I thought uh-oh something’s going on,” Collins said.

He said soon he'll tear down his home.

"I own a small tractor. And I can put a chain through the window and through another window and back up pull," Collins said.

Collins said he is not attached to the home. He says he’ll build another home on the property next to his current place.

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