Arnold Schwarzenegger fine after ‘idiot’ kicks him at event

Arnold Schwarzenegger fine after ‘idiot’ kicks him at event
The Terminator said he didn’t even realize he was being attacked. (Source: AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos/AP)

(Gray News) - Arnold Schwarzenegger said there’s “nothing to worry about” after he was reportedly attacked during an event in South Africa.

Video shows an attacker run up, jump and kick the former California governor while he was filming a Snapchat video of himself.

“Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about,” Schwarzenegger said via Twitter Saturday. “I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens a lot. I only realized I was kicked when I saw the video like all of you. I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat.”

A security guard then apprehends the attacker.

Schwarzenegger was at the Arnold Classic Africa which takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, each May, according to the event’s website.

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