Local Nacogdoches residents receive flooding during storms

Local Nacogdoches residents receive flooding during storms

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -Spring Shahnewaz assists with disaster relief with the Texas Louisiana Coalition and was sending out warnings to residents before the storms hit in Nacogdoches.

But she never imagined she would be experiencing flooding at her home at the University Club Apartments.

“I got a flash flood warning and complacency took over and maybe a little bit of overconfidence because I do this all the time. So, I went to bed at 3 o’clock in the morning, I hear this really loud banging on the door and in the back of my mind I knew what it was but I wasn’t prepared for what I’d seen,” said Shanewaz.

Shahnewaz recorded video of the flooding at her apartment and took pictures of her kitchen floor which received some damage.

“I opened the door, everything was underwater. The police officer was out there he said if I had a vehicle closer towards the creek it was probably gone. All of the vehicles out here with pretty much bumper down in water, my neighbors were wading through the water trying to assess the damages,” said Shahnewaz.

She said she is thankful for the quick response from the Nacogdoches Police Department to assist with the flood waters.

“I can’t thank them enough, it was very quick. As soon as it filled up, it started receding again back into the creek,” she said.

Most importantly, Shahnewaz said she is grateful that her family and residents were not hurt.

“I would rather be wrong 100 times and nothing happened then be wrong that one time and it do happen. This could’ve been a lot worse. I have a nine-year-old, so this could’ve been much worse,” said Shanewaz.

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