Better East Texas: Texas lege tackles budget, but other issues left unsolved

BET: Texas lege tackles budget, but other issues left unsolved

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The work of the Texas Legislature is coming to a close, and while the required result – a balanced 2-year budget - has been tackled, there are a load of uncompleted needs and a few major revisions in Texas Law. It appears that we won’t have a special session as was the case last session but, again, there is still a lot of work left undone.

The subject of school financing was partially addressed, but the bigger need of an overhaul was kicked down the road. When you review the work of the legislature, you see that only about twenty-percent of the proposed legislation actually makes it into law. So, why an eighty percent mortality rate on the work done by legislators?

Certainly, there is a load of healthy debate during the process that might not yield a compromise, and legislation is defeated or dies in committee. But it seems there is a large percent of proposed legislation that is destined to fail because of political divides that is then used as campaign fodder in the next election. Legislators can hold up their proposals, show them off to their constituents like pictures of their children, and point across the aisle to the other party, and say they rejected their pet bills.

Admittedly, it is all part of the process and it generally does work, but our representatives must continue to push for true, groundbreaking action on statewide issues. The world does not sit still, and neither can our law-making process. It’s what makes the Lone Star State great and unlike any other state, and makes for a Better East Texas.

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