Veteran whose home was damaged by storms in Alto reflects on Memorial Day

First Holiday since storms hit in Alto

ALTO, Texas (KTRE) - Memorial Day will be the first national holiday since the tornado and one local veteran says it won’t be the same this year with his family as they continue to work to repair their home.

What has been a family tradition of celebrating Memorial Day with family, food, and remembering those who sacrificed their lives to protect our country won’t be the same this year for Veteran Emerson Griffin, who received damaged to his home from the storm.

“I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, I hate it because the tornado came.' Now God does his work for a reason, but I’m kind of disappointed for these kids you know because it’s just a big thing that they’re always looking forward to,” Griffin said.

Griffin’s windows and roof was damaged during the storm but was recently replaced thanks to The River Church.

“Because it rained off and on throughout the time even after the tornado and the tarp we had, we had a lot of tarp on the roof but for some odd reason we just weren’t hitting all of the spots,” Griffin said.

Which Griffin said he is thankful for.

“And for the churches to be doing and other organizations to be helping out the way they have around here has been a God sent, it really has been because with them being able to handle a few things and then the rest of it coming out of pocket and the red cross came in and gave a donation which helped a little,” Griffin said.

With his military background, fortitude and perseverance, Griffin said he and his family will get through the recovery process.

“I have been through situations before and I didn’t get flustered with my wife and everybody else you know I said look we’re are going to get through this because once it happens it happens. It’s nothing you change you just deal with it and I always try to get a positive attitude,” Griffin said.

As of today The River Church has replaced 15 roofs.

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