San Augustine residents continue with clean up efforts

San Augustine residents continue with clean up efforts

SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KTRE) - San Augustine residents are making progress in their recovery effort.

It was just more than a month ago when a tornado damaged homes and businesses there.

"This use to be my home," said Sheila Roberts, a resident whose home flipped upside down.

The pile of debris continues to grow as the bricks, cinder blocks, a door, and the roof all lay on the ground.

“When you get off from work or go visiting, and you want to go home, you can’t go home,” Roberts said.

She made a makeshift tent as a living room for the time being using what she has left.

“My kitchen, my living room, my daughter’s bedroom, the bathroom, and my son’s room. So all of it’s gone now. We have in piles putting in the dumpster to take it all,” Roberts said.

Roberts said after they lost their home to the tornadoes, her family became victims of a crime.

“But you know it’s sad when you have people. You going to work for everything that you’ve gotten, and people coming along stealing.” Roberts said. “I don’t have a home here, but people is actually coming out stealing stuff.”

Just up the road, a neighbor is also struggling.

“In one part of my home, they prefer I not use the electricity because it had a hole in the roof, and it leaked inside there on the electrical ceiling fan. So they want to look at all that before because it could set the house on fire if I was to use electricity in there.” said Michael Good, a resident. “So I don’t want to go in that room right now.G

Like Roberts, many are holding on to their faith in these troubling times.

"Thank god we are still alive," Roberts said.

The April 24 tornado that his San Augustine was an EF-2, one of many that has struck East Texas this spring.

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