Modern playscapes going up in two Nacogdoches parks

Modern playscapes going up in two Nacogdoches parks

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Pioneer Park is the first to receive a $230,000 improvement to a play area. It's an answer to park advocates requests for modern playscapes. Crosswinds Contracting travels a region putting in the castle-like structures for GameTime.

“It's more for the kids that love to climb. It's 12 foot high," said installer Jordan Harris.

Already at the top is 14-year-old Anthony Duckworth. His dad owns GameTime. He knows what kids like.

"Like the big slide. It's like really high, so if kids like high stuff they can slide down that,” said Anthony, wearing a too-big company cap. “There's a bridge they can walk across."

And Anthony assures us there's a place for the person who doesn't like heights.

"So like if the little kids like want to play down low they can."

At Pecan Park a similar $180,000 park improvement will be erected.

“The park here we're only estimating be here another ten days and then as for Pecan Park we will probably be there roughly about two or two and half weeks," said Crosswinds project coordinator Shane Raimer.

And that's when Anthony will feel good about the accomplishment.

"It just touches my heart whenever I like I know I built it and everything."}

And it's expected the parents of small children will have a tug at their heartstrings too.

Nacogdoches is using the remainder of a revolving loan to pay for Pioneer Park improvements. Pecan Park expenses come from the general fund.

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