No more babies for April the Giraffe - she’s going on birth control

No more babies for April the Giraffe - she’s going on birth control
April the giraffe gave birth to a boy on Saturday, as more than 300,000 watch the birth live on YouTube. (Source: Animal Adventure)

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — There will be no more babies for April, the giraffe that enthralled viewers worldwide with two livestreamed pregnancies and births.

Jordan Patch of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, says Thursday that 17-year-old April will start contraceptives Friday and retire from the park's breeding program.

Patch announced on Facebook that the park’s care team decided to retire April following the birth of her fifth calf, Azizi, in March. More than 300,000 people watched the birth live on YouTube.

April drew more than 232 million views on the site during a seven-week period in 2017 before she gave birth to another calf , Tajiri (tah-JEER'-ee).

Patch says the zoo’s breeding program will continue with a new female, Johari, and April’s former mate, Oliver. April will be housed with Tajiri and Azizi.

Decisions are made on a daily basis regarding the care of our animals and operations as an organization. Some decisions bigger than others. The welfare of the animals in our care is top priority; it is our duty to observe and respond to their needs. We must look ahead, as much as we look at the present. We strive to be proactive, not reactive. These decisions are made as a team; park management, veterinarian, and animal care staff. We look forward to the future of our program at the park and providing many more years of interactive educational initiatives.

Posted by Animal Adventure Park on Thursday, June 6, 2019

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