Nacogdoches Commissioners request funds for Expo Center

Nacogdoches Commissioners request funds for Expo Center

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - County commissioners in Nacogdoches have requested funds from the state to help make some changes to the Nacogdoches County Exposition and Civic Center.

“I enjoy going to events out there. My kids participated in events out there when they were young," County Judge Greg Sowell said. "We love going to the fair, and we want to try and enhance that as much as we can.”

County fairs, rodeos, and other events make the expo center a special place for many. On Wednesday, Nacogdoches County commissioners resolved to request capital credit funds to improve the facility.

“That money is earmarked by law," Sowell said. "It can only be used for certain things, and one of those things is the enhancement of economic development or the promotion of the county for tourism or activities and things of that nature.”

It’s a part of a continuing effort to preserve and maintain the expo center, as well as replacing the electronic display sign in front of the facility.

“For the last two years or so, the money that has been received through this has been placed in an account with the intention of being able to replace the very expensive marquis sign at the exposition center,” Sowell said.

The new sign is expected to be larger, making advertisements for expo events more visible. Judge Sowell says replacing the sign is a small step toward making people more aware of the events and activities the county offers. He adds that this benefits the county as more tourists and visitors start passing through.

“In the big scheme of things, hotels and motels pay property taxes, and a lot of tax value is based on their occupancy,” Sowell said.

Once the commissioners’ request for funds is approved, Sowell hopes they will be able to replace the sign very soon.

“I believe the exposition center is very important to our overall picture of economic development and tourism, and I think it’s an excellent use for it,” he said.

The request for capital credit funds still has to be approved by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Construction dates for a new sign have not been set.

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