Engineers increase amount of floodwater released from Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Engineers increase amount of floodwater released from Sam Rayburn Reservoir

LAKE SAM RAYBURN, Texas (KTRE) - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ representatives at Sam Rayburn Reservoir announce that the reservoir continues to function as intended and releases of flood water will increase through the flood gates in addition to those through the Powerhouse.

Current lake elevation is 170.03 with the top of flood pool at elevation 173. The pool of record for Sam Rayburn is elevation 175.15 recorded on March 10, 1992.

“The whole purpose we’ve been holding water back is to allow the Neches to recede while dam b releases Neches water,” said Sam Gramlich, Lake Manager.

Lake conditions and downstream releases may impact properties and roadways in the vicinity of the reservoir and the Angelina River downstream of the project; therefore visitors, as well as local residents, should stay apprised of current local road conditions.

“With all the exceeding rain that we’ve received in the water sheds, the Neches has been high water flow that has been going to dam b and our purpose was to hold the water back as we also flow into dam b and reduce the downstream impacts,” Gramlich said.

Release amounts will continue in accordance with the Water Control Plan through the Powerhouse and the floodgates. At this time, combined releases are scheduled to increase throughout the weekend, but are not expected to exceed 14,000 cubic feet per second.

The high lake levels are forcing some closures.

“So there are recreation areas that are still impacted by that so there are going to be some closures. But the purpose of us releasing the water is to now to go down to normal pool so we can open up our recreation facilities,” Gramlich said.

All water safety measures must be adhered to when on or near the water. Life vests are a must. Large water discharges and changing lake levels will present new hazards at or just below the water line and may inundate low lying roads.

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